Have You Been Naughty or Nice To Your Teeth - Mary Street Dental

If you have cared for your teeth throughout the year, now is not the season to give up. If your oral care has been a little lax, it’s never too late to start caring for your smile. During the silly season, sugary treats are everywhere, but it’s not so much the amount of sugar we eat or drink, but the length of time it remains in the mouth. Follow our easy tips to maintain better oral health this silly season.

  • The best time to indulge in festive foods is at mealtimes because we naturally produce more saliva when eating. Saliva helps to neutralise acids produced by mouth bacteria, and it rinses away excess food particles and sugars.
  • Your choice of sweet treats makes a difference too, as sticky or boiled sweets tend to last longer. Sticky and very hard sweets can damage your teeth more easily, pulling out fillings or even cracking or breaking a tooth. Chocolate can be a better choice because it melts away relatively quickly.
  • Resolve to brush your teeth more frequently and at least twice a day. Don’t forget to floss or clean between your teeth using interdental brushes at least once a day, preferably last thing at night. If you can’t brush your teeth after eating, chew sugar-free gum that stimulates saliva flow, helping to neutralise harmful acids more quickly.
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