Don’t Let the Easter Bunny Spoil You Too Much - Mary Street Dental

If you overindulge too much this Easter, you might need a filling, and especially if you have noticed any issues with tooth pain or sensitivity. People who have never had a filling before could feel a bit apprehensive, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. Your new filling can be placed in a single appointment, restoring your teeth and your smile.

Why Do Teeth Decay?

The bacteria in your mouth love sugars, and whenever you eat something sweet, they use the leftovers for energy, producing a weak acid as they do so. The acid will attack your tooth enamel, removing some essential minerals which weaken and softens it. Repeated exposure to acid can eventually cause cavities as the bacteria get deeper inside your teeth causing infection and decay. If you don’t get a cavity filled, the bacteria can continue to destroy the inner part of your tooth, and eventually, you may need root canal treatment. This is why it’s far better to come and see us regularly for checkups so we can treat any cavities promptly.

There are lots of ways to fill a tooth, and one way is to use silver coloured amalgam. However, tooth-coloured composite resin is a more modern and conservative method of invisibly restoring teeth.

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