Do You Know How to Snack Smarter ? - Mary Street Dental

If you like nothing more than a snack or two, then consider ways to snack smarter. It will prevent you from eating too much or grazing on foods with low nutritional value.

Have a Treat Every Day

Planning a treat every day makes it easier to stick to a healthier diet. It doesn’t need to be much, perhaps one or two squares of high-quality dark chocolate or maybe a small glass of wine with dinner.

Snack on Frozen Grapes

Grapes are naturally sweet, but if they are frozen, they become a satisfying sweet treat that takes time to eat. Best of all, they will only cost you a handful of calories.

Eat More Chickpeas

Chickpeas taste great and have plenty of fibre and protein and are perfect for a filling snack. Make them into hummus or mix them with crunchy vegetables seasoned with a splash of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Keep an eye on the portion size.

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