Crowns in One Visit: CERECs

Crowns in One Visit: CERECs

The most effective restorative procedure available to dental patients today is CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics). The team at Mary Street Dental are excited to offer this innovative dental technology and are enthusiastic about the advantages this state of the art equipment provides.
A CEREC tooth restoration process is a convenient and healthy way to repair decayed or damaged teeth using “tooth coloured” ceramic materials, restoring teeth to their original strength, beauty and function. 

CEREC enables porcelain ceramic inlay material to be produced while you wait. A process that once took several weeks and many visits to the dentist can now be achieved in a single appointment.
The CEREC process uses the latest computer technology known as CAD cam. This piece of technology is the most advanced tool currently available to dentists. CEREC’s are inconspicuous and enable us to quickly repair your teeth to greater strength and stability.
The process starts with an electronic 3D scan taken of the area. The ceramic restoration is then designed and created in accordance to your tooth scan. After polishing, the restoration is fitted into place and appears and feels like a normal tooth. The process time will varies for each patient but generally takes between 1 ½ to 2 hrs. However you will not be in the dental chair for most of this time, this time is heavily for us to create you a porcelain restoration.
• is the most cost effective restoration process
• provides support and increased stability to patients
• protects and preserves natural tooth structure
• is visually appealing and is virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth
• only requires local anaesthetic once, making it less invasive and a healthier option
• behaves and feels like a normal tooth thanks to the porcelain material.
Whilst this technology is new to general practices in Australia, universities in Germany have studied and used it for over 20 years. Long term studies done over this time have shown 90% of restorations are still there.

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March 2019
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