Did You Know Your Saliva Says a Lot About Your Oral Health?

A healthy adult produces 1.5 litres or more of saliva each day, and this useful liquid helps to clean your mouth, washing away loose food, helping to reduce your risk of gum disease and cavities. It also contains other substance that begin the digestive process and which fight infections. You probably take saliva for granted, but it can say quite a bit about your oral health.

When your mouth feels too dry, it can be due to medical problems or over the counter and prescription medications, and it may be worth talking to your GP. Also, excellent oral hygiene will help to reduce the risks of a drier mouth (xerostomia). If your saliva looks white and is quite thick, you could have a fungal infection called oral thrush. We can prescribe an antifungal medicine to relieve this infection.

Sometimes saliva can be too acidic, as ideally, it should have a neutral pH. Acidic saliva increases the risk of cavities. Foods like poultry and red meat contain arginine which can help to reduce this acidity.

A sour taste in your mouth could be due to acid reflux, and especially when accompanied by bad breath or heartburn. You might need to see your GP, and they could prescribe medication or recommend lifestyle changes.

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