Did You Realise Flossing Can Decrease Inflammation and Balance Blood Sugar? - Brisbane City Dentist | Mary Street Dental | Brisbane CBD Dentist

It’s true and is one reason why we encourage our patients to floss daily! Your mouth contains many diverse species of micro-organisms, forming what is called your oral microbiome. A healthy mouth has a balanced oral microbiome, but this delicate balance is disrupted if harmful micro-organisms or bacteria begin to flourish. You may also have heard of dental plaque, which is a biofilm or sticky layer which develops over your teeth and it contains harmful bacteria.

When allowed to build up, these bacteria can cause dental problems including tooth decay and gum disease. What is worse is that they can enter the body. If you develop gum disease, your gums begin to separate from your teeth and bleed, creating ‘doorways’ where bacteria can enter your bloodstream. When this occurs, the bacteria cause inflammation in the body which can worsen existing diseases or increase your risk of developing them. This reaction has been linked to diabetes, making it harder to control blood sugar levels. When these bacteria enter the arteries, they can potentially cause plaque accumulation, increasing the risk of heart attacks.

Flossing is an effective and easy way to remove these bacteria, and it will help your dental and general health tremendously! If you are not sure how to floss correctly, please ask us for practical help and advice.

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