How Can Drinking with a Straw Help Your Oral Health? - Brisbane City Dentist | Mary Street Dental | Brisbane CBD Dentist

You are probably aware that some drinks are better for your teeth than others. For example, very sweet or acidic drinks can erode tooth enamel, potentially causing cavities. However, did you realise the way you consume a drink can make a difference too?

When you use a straw, it ensures the beverage has less contact with your teeth, offering a little bit of protection. In contrast, when you sip a drink straight from a glass, it can wash over every single tooth. People with sensitive teeth will most certainly find using a straw is more comfortable because of the reduced contact with teeth. Another added benefit is that using a straw prevents staining drinks such as tea and coffee from having direct contact with your teeth. Over time this can reduce tooth discolouration.

Nowadays, you can buy a wide variety of reusable straws in all sorts of designs and colours so that you can protect your teeth and our beautiful environment.

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