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For many people, it isn’t Easter if you don’t have an Easter egg hunt and we can all remember excitedly looking forward to the Easter bunny visiting. This year create your best ever Easter egg hunt with our easy tips and tricks.

Leave behind the Evidence

Easter bunnies don’t just eat chocolate as they love healthy carrots too, so make sure you leave a few nibbled chunks near the door and perhaps a few pawprints to show they have visited.

Avoid Sibling Rivalry with a Communal Basket

If you have several kids, you’ll know that searching for something like Easter eggs can quickly spark sibling rivalries. Avoid this by placing a communal basket in the centre of your garden for everyone’s haul, and they are more likely to work together and help each other. Afterwards, the eggs can be divided evenly amongst them all.

Keep It Interesting

Instead of just hiding eggs, why not leave a few clues or perhaps a map or riddles so you can hide the eggs in more complicated places that are more interesting for older kids to find.

Not Just for Children

Adults can enjoy the fun too as you can plan an Easter egg hunt for them, using hollow plastic eggs that you can fill with vouchers or coupons for adult-oriented treats.

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