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People are enjoying longer and more active lives, and your oral health plays an important role in healthy ageing. As you get older, the risk of poor oral health increases. Problems such as gum disease (periodontitis), tooth loss, tooth decay, and dry mouth (xerostomia) become more common.

When your teeth aren’t in great shape, it’s much harder to enjoy a nutritious diet. This, in turn, can impact your overall health. Dry mouth is a common side-effect of many medications. It makes it difficult to chew and swallow food, and the risk of tooth decay, oral infections and gum disease is higher. Also, poor oral health and especially gum disease has been linked to many chronic health conditions. These include diabetes, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease.

The effects of ageing on oral health can be managed with a good preventative dental care plan. When you come to see us here at Mary Street Dental, we can devise a custom treatment plan based on your oral health and general health. This is designed to reduce your risk of dental disease and will help you enjoy an optimal level of oral health and an attractive smile.

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