Recovering from the Sugar Craze: How to Clean off the Sweet Stuff - Mary Street Dental

There is nothing like that feeling you get when sinking your teeth into something deliciously sweet and decadent the sticky. But have you ever considered what happens to your teeth after eating something sweet? If you have a sweet tooth, it’s worth knowing how this can impact oral health. The moment your teeth become coated with sugar, bacteria in your mouth get busy. These bacteria thrive on sugars, creating acid as a byproduct that weakens tooth enamel. Thoroughly removing sugar is essential to avoid tooth decay.

Cleaning off the Sweet Stuff without Harming Your Teeth

It might seem strange but resist the urge to brush your teeth immediately and instead wait at least half an hour. In the meantime, you can rinse your mouth with water to remove loose particles of sugar and to reduce acidity levels in your mouth more quickly. Waiting allows your mouth to return to a normal pH at which point your tooth enamel re-harden slightly. If you brush your teeth immediately after eating something sweet, you are brushing softened tooth enamel that is more easily eroded. Once you do brush your teeth, brush them thoroughly for at least two minutes. Maximise the effect by flossing afterwards, and you could even use fluoride mouthwash for more protection against tooth decay.

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