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If you prefer to gorge on sweet treats at Halloween, there is some good news as it could be better for you to eat all your Halloween treats at once. This might sound completely counterintuitive as many people will try to eke out their haul, only having one or two pieces each day. While this may protect your waistline, it’s not the best thing for protecting your teeth. Eating everything in one sitting and brushing your teeth afterwards is a better way to avoid cavities.

Whenever you eat something sugary, bacteria naturally present in your mouth feed on the sugars, creating plaque. The acid in plaque erodes your tooth enamel, forming tiny lesions and eventually cavities in teeth. The more frequently your teeth are covered in sugar, the greater the opportunity for bacteria to feed and thrive. When you eat all your sweets at once, these bacteria can only produce so much plaque and acid at one time, so it’s potentially much better for your teeth than parcelling sweets out over weeks or even months. If you prefer to make your sweet treats last, eat them during main meals when the damage to your teeth is reduced because your mouth is naturally more acidic. Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards.

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