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Composite Bonding – White Resin

Composite Bonding – White Resin

This modern, cosmetic process allows you to repair, re-shape and re-colour your teeth to give you a beautiful smile. This method utilises a tooth coloured composite resin fillings to repair any defects.

Composite resin will be applied to the affected area and will be hardened by a high-intensity light. Several layers of resin will be added and hardened  to bond the material to the tooth. Once polished and sculpted to fit the tooth, you will hardly be aware that it is not natural. Appointment times will vary but it will generally take about 1 hour per repair.

• conceals discolouration or staining of teeth
• repairs decay
• repairs cracks in teeth
• closes small gaps in teeth
• aligns crooked teeth
• is visually appealing and virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth

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