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Endodontics – Root Canal

Endodontics – Root Canal

Root canal treatment is the replacement of an infected pulp (nerve) in a tooth with a special filling. The pulp comprises mostly of nerves, veins and lymph vessels.

 The causes of pulp damage are varied but include:
• Deep decay
• Fractured tooth
• Blow to the tooth
• Severe grinding and wear
• Some types of gum disease

Root canal treatment is important as it can save a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. A lost tooth can be expensive and replacements are usually an inferior substitute.

Teeth can have up to 4 canals (roots) that need to be treated.

With present anaesthetic and newer techniques, the removal and treatment of an inflamed pulp is a comfortable procedure. 
The pulp is removed and the canal is cleaned out. 
It will usually take more than 1 appointment to completely clean and seal the tooth.

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