Get Ready to Sink Your Teeth into the New Year - Mary Street Dental

If you are looking forward to a brand-new decade full of possibilities, how about making a New Year’s resolution that is easy to achieve? It will positively impact your oral health and overall well-being.

Resolve to Get a Dental Checkup

We know it’s easy to delay dental checkups and especially if your teeth feel healthy. However, if it’s been a while since you saw a dentist or you know you need restorative work, start the New Year by committing to take better care of your teeth. Delaying essential dental care allows problems to worsen, so they are harder and more expensive to treat.

Resolve to Kick the Habit

Make this the year you kick the habit, and there are many reasons for giving up smoking. It doubles your risk of getting gum disease, and you are more likely to have tooth decay and gum recession. Add to that a risk of oral cancer and chronic lung disease, and hopefully, you have more incentive to quit for good.

Resolve to Eat Healthily

A poor diet can affect your immune system, in turn, negatively impacting your dental health. Start the New Year by eating fewer sweet treats and soft drinks, and instead indulge in beautiful seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Dairy products are also excellent for dental health and contain plenty of calcium for stronger bones and teeth.

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