How to Stop the Easter Bunny from Spoiling Your Teeth - Brisbane City Dentist | Mary Street Dental | Brisbane CBD Dentist

The Easter Bunny may be cute and fluffy, but he comes bearing gifts that can damage your pearly whites. While many holidays are all about indulgence, it’s especially true during Easter where sweet treats are everywhere you look. We understand you want to enjoy the festivities, but we are sure you want to stay healthy too. With a bit of thought and planning, you can still enjoy Easter without negatively affecting your teeth.

Just about everybody knows that sugar is damaging for dental health, but do you know how it affects your teeth? When you eat something sweet, bacteria in your mouth use sugar for energy, producing acid that dissolves and damages teeth. The longer your teeth are exposed to sugar, the greater the damage. It’s why we suggest eating sweet treats all at once and preferably as part of a main meal rather than snacking frequently. Eating a proper meal stimulates saliva flow, which in turn helps to wash away some of the harmful bacteria and loose food particles. When you snack on Easter goodies between meals, your teeth are exposed to acid for longer, increasing the damage.

Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth regularly even if you are busy enjoying Easter activities.

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