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Spring cleaning isn’t confined to just cleaning your home, as it can be helpful to spring clean your health.

  • The warmer weather is the perfect excuse to start exercising outside, but if exercise isn’t your thing, gardening is great for being more active, and it’ll help your home to look good too.
  • If you don’t like gardening, use the time to take up a new activity such as hiking or biking, or something that is lower impact like golf. Exercising outside is a great way to stay fit and enjoy the weather.
  • If you’ve overindulged in comfort food over the winter, now’s the time to make healthier food choices. Make the most of in-season fruits and vegetables and raid the spice rack for more natural flavourings that will help reduce salt levels. Head your local farmers market and buy something different and try out some new recipes.
  • Spring is a great opportunity to rearrange your pantry and to make sure nutritious foods are easy to see while keeping treats out of sight. Get rid of any expired food and replace it with healthier choices for spring and summer.
  • Go through your bathroom cabinet and get rid of out-of-date medicines. Don’t throw them away, but instead take them back to your local pharmacy who can dispose of them safely.
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