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It might seem like a kids’ dream, but it’s true as eating all your Halloween treats at once can be better for your teeth than making them last over the next several months. There is a very good reason for this as whenever you eat something sweet, bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars and starch remaining on your teeth, forming a sticky layer of plaque which hopefully is regularly brushed and flossed away!

When plaque isn’t properly removed, the bacteria within it produce acid that gradually weakens and erodes your tooth enamel, causing tiny holes to form which can eventually become cavities. If you eat sugar more frequently, the risk of cavities is higher, which is why some dentists think it’s a good idea to consume it all at once. The bacteria in your mouth can only make acid so fast, and there is a threshold at which they can’t work any harder, so it doesn’t matter if you’re having one sugary treat or three. However, some treats are better than others; for example, it’s best for your dental health to choose chocolate over hard or crunchy sweets. This is because chocolate melts quite easily whereas those sticky crunchy sweets will stick remain on your teeth for hours and may require repeated brushing and flossing to remove thoroughly.

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